Coach Kofi's  8-week intensive + intimate personal development group coaching experience designed to help women become empowered to discover their truth and live more life now.

The reason why you can’t move forward, Sis is because you keep applying an old formula to a new level in your life. 

You’re not stuck you’re just committed to certain patterns of behavior because they helped you in the past.  Now those behaviors have become more harmful than helpful.


If you…


  • Long to discover your truth, express and live it

  • Want to get out of your own way

  • Want to make real life change

  • Want to take that huge leap and do that thing that scares you, but you know you must do

  • Are at a crossroads or a milestone in life


Then the Level Up Your Life Bootcamp is for you.


If you’re not…


  • Ready (or willing) to commit to the process 

  • Ready to be real and put your big girl panties on (and would rather be safe and comfortably uncomfortable) 

  • Ready to be held accountable for what you say you want and commit to do

  • Ready to level up your life


Then you should pass…I only work with women who are motivated and ready for real life change – for real.



  • If you’re ready to feel more empowered.

  • If you want to learn the formula for accomplishing your goals and creating your dreams

  • If you want to discover the steps to a happier more fulfilled you, and

  • If you’re ready to level up your life, I’m your HOW.



The Level Up Your Life Bootcamp is an 8-week intensive + intimate personal development group coaching experience designed to help women become empowered to discover their truth and live more life now.

During the Bootcamp you’ll:
































Your investment includes:


  • (4) 90-minute weekly group clarity + coaching sessions (recorded for lifetime access)

  • (4) private 60-minute one on one coaching + strategy sessions with me

  • Weekly exercises to help you delve deeper and gain even more self-awareness and clarity

  • Accountability partner

  • A private online community to keep you inspired


Once you complete the Bootcamp you’ll become a member of our Level Up Your Life Alumni Community which includes monthly alumni group check-in calls to share your growth, connect with other alums and to keep you motivated and moving forward.  You’ll also get access to exclusive bonuses, discounts, and perks.


Sis, the difference between who you are and who you want to be is what you do and you can’t make progress without making a decision.   


If you’re ready to stop hiding and playing small,

If you’re ready to make yourself a priority - apply for the Bootcamp now. 

I am only taking on 8 women for the next cohort which begins in July 2019. 

Wake Up – Why fight reality?  Your power is in understanding it!  You’ll learn and apply the principles of life and understanding how they work to create your life experiences.
Clear Up – Until you change your thinking you will always recycle your experiences.  You’ll create clarity around where you are, where you’re going, learn to set healthy boundaries and work through blocks so that we set you up for success in an empowered way.
Build Up – You’ll be surprised how quickly the universes moves with you once you have decided.  You’ll learn new tools and thought processes, discover possibilities and options to start experiencing more of the life you want now.
Level Up – We can not become who we want to be by remaining who we are.  We’ll actually put to practice – test the principles and start to level up your life.