Our conversations are always heartfelt and deep. They make me think of why not instead of my usual hell no!  I'm able to say I love you to the people that mean so much to me.  Before I was afraid.  You are real, genuine and strong.  I love and admire that!"  ~Renee, Oklahoma

"You have an aura of peace about you that is both calming and encouraging and you offer a different perspective.  You are someone I can trust enough to be completely myself with.  I feel at peace and calm whenever I am in your presence.   I'm high strung and high stressed so its healing for me.  I have never known anyone that brings me to that place of freedom.  Everyone I have known I have always held back a part of me because I felt if they knew the real me, they wouldn't approve of me.   You have helped me to begin to truly know me and find a peace within myself.   I am finally coming to a place where I love and appreciate and respect me."  ~Monica, New Jersey

"I like that I'm able to express my feelings of the day, no matter if its something small or big.  I'm usually the "listener" when I'm talking to someone, but Kofi has this way of making people feel special and able to talk about themselves.You helped me with lots, from my relationship with my boyfriend to getting out and experiencing life. You always know what to say to make me feel better and you always help me think in a different light. Kofi makes me feel special by asking what's new in my life and by being truly interested in things in my life.   Our sessions are always a pleasure. I learn different perspectives about life."   ~Kendra, Oklahoma​​​

"I love the honest friendship.  You are great at listening and offering solutions and not being critical.   I love your friendliness, beauty, class, humor, Urban-Soul-Sister vibe, humbleness and honesty."   ~Marsha, Arizona

"You have a calming way about you.  It forces me to slow down and enjoy the moment...what's happening right then - not before or after...love that!  You have helped me to rate my values, allowing them to guide my decision making with career choice/direction.  Also, letting it be ok to let my guard down and cry in front of a complete stranger....and not have to explain, thanks!  You've taught me to balance care of others vs. self-care...start taking care of me in the way of physical, spiritual and mental health without feeling guilty about sharing the time. You are confident/comfortable in your own skin. Your understanding of healthy disclosure of yourself helps you better connect with your clients.  You know how to balance listening, small talk, laughs, heavy talk, and advice while encouraging your clients to be/feel empowered."   ​~Tequia, Oklahoma​

"It helped so much having you to discuss my divorce with; and it feels great to discuss how peaceful and free I feel now and my next life steps.  You've taught me to love myself and to put me first.  There is no one like you, a woman who holds her own."  ~Gladys, Fort Worth, TX​



​"I enjoy the feedback I receive when conversing with you. Even though you are a great listener your feedback is full of experience and knowledge. I never feel as though you are being bias because your aura has such a balanced feel.  You helped me realize that I am not "the only" person in this world with small situations that are big discomforts to me. You have helped me realize that following my spirit is self fulfilling.  After speaking with you and rummaging through my own baggage I  realize that I need to plan instead of worry. Overall you have helped me realize speaking things into existence. You've shared self help information that actually teaches me how to look at things differently.  I have really began to retrain my thought process and the way I perceive things. I cannot really remember the last time I have been majorly depressed due to this acquired knowledge. What makes you special to me is your realness and your honesty. I love the flow, spirit, aura you have and share with others that accept you. And I love how you are such a go getter. The changes in your life are so concrete to me and so inspiring..... You are a very special person that leaves me looking forward to being on your level one day."   ~Maya, Oklahoma​

"I really enjoy the good vibes and good talks!   You have helped me with life direction/path. Just talking to you has helped me to have a clearer path towards what I want to be doing and where I want to be in life. You have also helped me to become more patient. You are loving, helpful, nurturing and kind."   ~Tora, Jamaica