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Is this you...

  • You're motivated and ready to make huge positive life change

  • You want to improve the quality of your life and your relationships

  • You know you're capable of doing great things, you just aren't sure what they are or how to start

  • You feel alone and alienated as you move beyond your past

  • You desire support and encouragement to stay motivated 

  • You want accountability to help remain focused and on point with your commitment to change

  • You wish there was a step-by-step guide to help you change faster, easier with less overwhelm and uncertainty

  • You want an effective process that doesn't take up much of your already demanding schedule

  • You desire deep connection and community with like-minded women

Then you've found your tribe and your Coach!

If you are a...

Beautiful, brave, divorced bold chick 35-60 committed to let go of who you used to be, ready to move beyond who you are now and willing to discover who you were meant to be faster, easier, with less drama and epic results, then our 90Days2Change coaching program is for you.

Remember, participation is limted to the first 25 women. So be sure and join our mailing list now. Once the tribe is full, you'll be placed on the waiting list for one of our upcoming sessions.  I'd love to have you be a part of our very special inaugural group.  It is certain to be a defining moment in your life.   


You've waited long enough to live your truth.  You're tired of pretending to be who others expect you to be.  Join our waiting list now and move into 2017 prepared to let go of the life you have led because now is your time to hurt less, heal more and live BOLD!

In the meantime, connect with @coachkofi live on 

Periscope daily and other

social media.

The official launch date for our exclusive subscription only virtual coaching community for divorced women, 35-60 who are motivated to make huge changes and propel your life to the next level of personal and professional succcess is right around the corner.  

You'll receive our 90Days2Change coaching program which includes weekly live coaching with Coach Kofi, 90Days2Change100-page workbook, support in our private FaceBook community, inspiration, motivation and more in order to achieve positive life change in just 90 days.

Offered ONLY 4 times a year. Our inagural Winter BCS Tribe is starting soon! The Tribe is limited to the first 25 registrants, so that you receive plenty of individual guidance and support from Coach Kofi and the opportunity to build personal connections. Join our waiting list now and be the first to receive early bird registration and introductory bonuses.  I'd love for you to be a part of our very special inaugural group as we learn to hurt less, heal more and live BOLD together.

Read more and see if this sounds like the community you've been seeking.

Love, Coach Kofi

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