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From Worrier to Warrior!

The Back Story When flying, we're always instructed to put on our face mask first before helping others.  I've had to do that over the past week.  I had to work through my own fear, anxiety, and panic because of the Coronavirus pandemic.  I had to come to terms with losing one client because his business suddenly didn't exist with all of the mandated closures, being fired by another and uncertainty with others. 

I had to fight off the paranoia that I may have been infected with the COVID-19 virus during a recent trip. While waiting in line at a medical facility for over an hour only to be told that I had to have a flu and strep test first, which I then paid for.  When they learned I was self-pay - all of a sudden there were "no more test available."

From Worrier to Warrior So for the past week, I've sat with this shit and cried and worried, and sulked and wallowed in my self-pity.  But today, I decided to move from worrier to warrior!  Because the best way to help yourself is to help someone else.

As our everyday lives unfold and take on new structure our emotions may feel as if they’re on a rollercoaster. Scary as fuk, right!?  Uncertainty ain’t no joke!  I know I’ve felt that way over the past week - but no more!

Some days you will feel strong and some days you may not. Know that’s ok. Give yourself permission to sit in the fear and anxiousness and worry - you are human and entitled, especially when everything that was - suddenly isn’t anymore. But sit it in - don’t LIVE in it. A New Movement I invite you to join me in a whole new movement!  I’m creating a brand new, exclusive FB community for Black women.

I’m going to feed into and empower you and provide the support, tools, and knowledge you need as we maneuver through this pandemic and life beyond.  This is a movement - not a pity-party!   We won’t be wringing our hands waiting to be saved asking, "what we gone do now, Massuh?"  We are going to collaborate and support each other and create new ways to thrive and serve each other. There is always tons of opportunity during times of war, chaos and uncertainty.  There are those who benefit abundantly and those who suffer immensely.  Let's choose not to be in the latter group.   We can not allow our fears to leave us left behind, taking whatever is handed to us.  We must be at the table as our lives are restructured, but we can’t do it if we’re hiding and scared.  We must move from “Worriers to Warriors.” Stay tuned for your special invitation. In the Meantime Share below one word that describes how you are feeling right now.  Then please reach out to me privately at kofi@coachkofi.com if you need coaching support during this time.  I am offering special Worrier2Warrior pricing specifically for the Coach Kofi community.   Know that you can and you will come out on the other side of this.  I am here to lead and guide you to your more empowered place of clarity + confidence + power.  Love, CoachK

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