How to Reclaim Your Power

Your life experience is shaped by three things: The thoughts you think. The feelings you feel. And the choices you make. They are your guiding force. You can use them to foster fear and uncertainty or you can use them to become stronger and more resolved. Your superpower lies in learning how to direct this energy.  When you do, you will come to understand this truth:  


You don’t have problems; you have choices to make.

GRAB YOUR POWER BACK! To grab your power back, ask yourself, does this thought, feeling or choice make me feel better?  Does it make me show up stronger?  If not, then make a better feeling choice.  The amount of work is the same. That’s how you shift negative energy and begin to reclaim your power. 

BE A PARTICIPANT IN YOUR OWN LIBERATION Here's a practice I use to help me reclaim my power.  At the end of each week, I ask myself what were the highlights?  I know that goodness happens in my life, although some days I have to search harder for it.  Once I really give it conscious thought, I find that more goodness showed up in my life than I ever realized.  Sometimes, it's the small things like the calm after my early morning meditation, a girlfriend calling to check on me, or a conversation with my mom.  Sometimes it's the joy of long walks in my beautiful community, breathing in the fresh air and feeling the sunshine beaming down on my skin.  Or helping a client move her life forward during a powerful coaching session.   

When you look for the highlights, it helps you focus more on what’s working as opposed to what’s not. You are reminded of how you can feel, rather than dreading what you feel.  Since our emotions are being bombarded and assaulted almost everywhere we turn right now, that's even more reason to live awake and tap into your power of choice.   EQUIP YOURSELF WITH KNOWING The more you understand the true nature of reality, the more equipped you are to manage your thoughts, feelings, and choices - which are all forms of energy.  Only then will you become a co-creator of your life experience rather than a victim to it. So it's important to understand:  Energy is both positive and negative.  Energy is also neutral. It goes wherever your thoughts direct it.    What we think about most, we give energy to and that’s what expands. Energy can not be destroyed, only shifted. 

LIVE AWAKE Now with this knowledge, ask yourself: What were the highlights of my week?  How did they make me feel?   How did I show up as a result? Now, intend to consciously create more of those good feelings.   As you enter into this week, remind yourself:

"I don’t have problems; I have choices to make." 

Now, go out and make better choices. Love, 

Your Guide to Empowered Living  Power + Clarity + Direction = Empowered Living

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