What To Do Next?

I woke in no mood for Ms. Ronna!  Bi$ch just leave already!  I want my life back!

But the truth is, she ain’t going nowhere, no time soon and our lives will never be the same.  So we better find a way to survive and thrive. 

I've wondered over and over, what do I do next?  I bet, you've asked that question too, right? 

I got real with myself on my morning walk.  I brought my attention back to the present - the here and now - rather than worry about the future.  I put my coaching hat on (Girl, I coach myself on the regular!) and asked a better question:  What can you do right now, Kofi?   

By the time I finished my walk, I had a whole plan outlined in my head with action steps. I gained clarity by:

1.  Awareness of what I was feeling

2.  Honesty around why I was feeling it

3.  Action to shift my energy and for clearer thoughts

4.  A plan so that I’m out of my head and know what to do next 

You can apply this same process to your current reality, but sometimes we need help finding clarity and direction especially in times of chaos.  So I've created 3 FREE resources to help you.   

30-min Clarity Call -Let's jump on a call so that you get out of your head and moving -www.coachkofi.com/chat

Upcoming Masterclass: “From Powerless to Powerful in Chaotic Times" Pre-Register Now -  www.coachkofi.com/p2p

Master Your Thoughts Journal Challenge -Another way to get out of your head and gain more clarity is simply to write. I call it "write and release" because writing is such a powerfully expressive tool.  You'll be amazed by what you discover about yourself.  

To help you get started, I've created 31 journaling prompts and affirmations delivered directly to your inbox each morning. - www.coachkofi.com/freeresources

Use one or all of these free resources and stop wondering what to do next.   


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