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  • Wake every morning feeling more empowered 

  • Stop absorbing other's negativity

  • Learn to put yourself first without guilt

  • Release the hold of your past

  • Be less impacted by others

  • Balance career, family and self-care​

  • Work through difficult situations and conversations with ease and confidence

  • Find the courage to move beyond your comfort zone

All of these things are possible - and you can easily accomplish any number of them starting right now.

There's a simple and powerful way to dramatically accelerate your journey to more wholeness, goodness and enjoyment in life - my proven Vibe Assessment & 90 Minute Intensive Debrief.

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  • Learn to move past your current life situations

  • Change your mindset from what you can't do, to what you can do

  • Change the way you see yourself

  • Overcome the obstacles that have been holding you back from achieving your goals

  • Create more meaningful connections with family, friends and co-workers 

  • Be less influenced by the opinions of others and more certain of your own wants and desires

Would you go for it?  Would you take that leap and create a radically better life for yourself once and for all?


Only when you fully understand your truth and align with it, will you be able to live it. The more you know your true self, the easier it is to create what you want. Then you can stop repeating old habits, break procrastination and self doubt and live a more empowered, healthy and full life.  Within 90 minutes, you'll come away from our debrief fully understanding:

  • Why you make make decisions and choices

  • Clarity around your life and relationships

  • Empowered to effect life change immediately

  • A never before understanding of who you are at your depths 

  • Why you think the way that you do

  • What you feel and why you feel that way

  • What patterns consistently show up in your life, why and how to break them

  • What's blocking your progress

  • How to move past stuck

There is unlimited power in aligning with your truth.  The more you connect with yourself at your core, the more empowered you'll become to live more and struggle less.  Aren't you worth it?




Love it or your money back guarantee! Just like many clients before you, I know you'll break free from what holds you back.  In fact, I personally guarantee it.  Take the online assessment, spend 90 minutes with me and if your life isn't postively impacted by the experience, email me and I'll refund your entire amount. You have nothing to lose.  Say "YES" to living more and struggling less.  You deserve it.  Go ahead invest in you.  

Meet Kofi: Your Empowerment & Leadership Coach

Kofi Williams, is a Certified Professional Empowerment & Leadership Coach, Transformational Speaker, Trainer and Energy Leadership Master Practitioner.  She is a graduate of the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (IPEC), the premier leader in comprehensive coach training.

Kofi has an innate ability to connect with women through her high-energy message and extraordinary life story. After a series of personal tragedies and difficult life transitions, she discovered the processes and knowledge to change her life from one of depression, brokenness, and self-doubt to one of infinite possibiities.  Soon she was empowering other women using the same steps and processes, she herself used to breakthrough.  This lead to the creation of the powerful VIBE process which guides women to find their vision, value, and voice through the power of their vibe.


In 2012, after 30 years in corporate America, Kofi packed her desk and launched CoachKofi.com and the Vibe Tribe to help women live more and struggle less through the power of coaching, personal development, self-awareness, self-care, emotional wellness, personal empowerment and the Energy of Attraction.


Kofi works with private clients, groups, corporations, faith-based and other organizations serving the needs of women. 

You're just a few steps away from

living more and struggling less. 

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